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Friday, October 31, 2008

Bowie Nature Park Fairview

Bowie Nature Park in Fairview, Tennessee is smaller that Percy Warner,
but there are many trails so you can still ride for hours and never be on the same trail twice.
The footing is great! Many of the trails are in a pine forest
which is such a change from Percy Warner!
Bowie has sandy soil and pine needles for footing..

There is a day ride fee of $2 per horse if you are not a Fairview resident.
Trails may be closed due to wet conditions,
it is advisable to call before riding by calling
799-5544 Ext. 1

If you are unfamiliar with Bowie Nature Park’s Trail system
please read all trail signs and/or consult the “Official”
Bowie Nature Park Trail Map
(located at the kiosk in front of the restrooms) before riding.

Only trails on the “Official” Bowie Nature Park Trail Map
are sanctioned trails that can be used by equestrians and mountain bikers.
All trails are open to day hikers.

Copies of The “Official” Bowie Nature Park Trail Map
can be found at the kiosk in front of the restrooms, the Park Office,
City Hall or download one from their web site.
Bowie Nature Park

Bowie Park & Nature Center
7211 Bowie Lake Road
Fairview, TN 37062
Tel: (615) 799-5544

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Long C Trails

Long C is in Westmoreland, TN.
They offer camping and day rides-NO ALCOHOL.
Day ride fee is $7.

For more information:
Long C Trails, Inc.
8959 Hanes Road
Westmoreland, TN 37186
(270) 618-7500
Long C Trails is closed during December and January<

Mammoth Cave Kentucky

I know it's not in TN, but Kentucky is so close,
we have to include Kentucky riding spots on this blog also.
Has anyone been to Mammoth Cave?
Here is a link to a private campground:

Percy Warner Park

If you've not been to Percy Warner Park this time of year, you really need to go.
It is one of my favorite places to trail ride, any time of year.
There are lots of fall colors right now.
The trails are easy and well maintained. A few rocky spots, but nothing too bad.
There are 3 different trails you can take, the yellow trail, the blue trail (Indian Springs)
or the pink trail.
They are marked with color markers on the trees along each trail.
The pink trail is the rockiest trail.
The yellow trail is the main trail and loops around. It is 8 miles I think.
All the other trails branch off of the yellow trail.
If you walk the yellow loop it will take about 3 hours.
If you trot and canter some, you can do it in 1.5 to 2 hours.
There are picnic areas along the trails with places to tie your horses.
Percy Warner Park is only open for day riding.
No camping.
Nice restroom facilities at the equestrian center.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blocker Tie Ring

I am a big fan of the Blocker Tie Ring. I know you can find them at
Downunder Horsemanship
Clinton calls them the Aussie Tie Ring, I think.
These are great for training a horse to stand tied. The lead rope easily slips through
the ring and will release as the horse pulls against it. When the horse feels safe,
he will stop pulling and stand still! Did you know that some horses just
need a little more space thanothers to feel safe tied?

I wish I had gotten these BEFORE I had a horse damage my trailer from
freaking out when he was tied to it. Thankfully, my horse was not injured
and now I carry Blocker Tie Rings in my trailer all the time.

Cowboy Certified Socks Rock!

If you haven't tried them, you have to pick up a pair
of Cowboy Certified or Cowgirl Certified socks.
They are sold at most stores that carry Dan Post boots.
I have been wearing them for years, and the reason I
love them is that they do not fall down!
Also they're very comfy on my feet for the long hours
I spend in the saddle. AND they keep my feet dry and warm.

Best places to ride in Middle Tennessee

Hi all! This blog was created to provide a place to share
information about the best places to horseback ride in our area.
I know you'd all rather be riding than sitting in front of your computer,
but as long as you are in front of your computer, why not tell others
about your favorite places to ride?
Who knows, you might even make a new friend.